Two writing prompts: something small and an affair

24th September, Berlin, 13:54, it’s time for some creative writing.

Writing prompt: Write from the point of view of something small. Perhaps it is also something fragile or forgotten but not necessarily. It can’t be a child!

Suggestions from xella_reads

  • “Seed growing into a tree”
  • “Life of a smartphone”

Xella, the cat of the house, started making those noises cats make just before they spew out a ball of hair. Then it turned into a constant low cough, and then a whining hum, and then she threw her head back and opened her mouth as big as a yawn, showing all her viciously pointy white teeth and started outright laughing.

Sam was standing with a cup of coffee in his hand halfway between the kitchen and his laptop on the couch. His eyes and mouth wide open, he said “Wha.. What are you laughing at?”

“I’m laughing at your belly hanging out of your dirty t-shirt. And Please stop walking around with your underwear Sam, you look pathetic.”

Sam looked down at his belly and turned to the bedroom to wear his pyjamas, but stopped short by the slack notification. It was standup time and he was late. He rushed to his laptop and joined the meeting.

Xella jumped on the couch and took a few sips of his coffee with her long tongue making swift motions. Sam pushed her away from the coffee while trying to report yesterday’s work. She gracefully fell on her back and assumed a lying position with her tail moving side to side playfully.

“Well, at least you make the coffee right.” said Xella. 

Sam scrambled to mute his microphone but wasn’t fast enough. He glared at Xella with his heart beating in his mouth. His teammates were looking puzzled, waiting for him to continue. Xella was giggling with her soft belly jiggling.

He took the risk to unmute and continued with his voice trembling and checking Xella with the corner of his eyes. She slowly got up and started moving on to his lap. He was sweating, face white. Some of his colleagues exclaimed “aww” when she entered the screen. Xella brought her face closer to Sam’s face. He was stuttering and wasn’t making sense anymore.

“Aren’t you forgetting something Sam?”

Not daring to take his eyes off of her, he first fumbled around the keyboard to mute or close the camera, then he just slammed the laptop shut. 

“Wha-t What am I I I am mmissing Xella? My dear cat, my my sweet cat, tt-tell me.”

“Where is my food bitch?”

Writing prompt: Write about a successful or unsuccessful affair.

Christopher was a hard rock lovin 17 year-old who was excited about two very important things; one, he just passed the ticket gates and was about to watch his favourite metal band “Corroded Mantra” perform live, two, RockerGirl4298 finally agreed to join him after long hours of conversations, pleading, and after he said he’ll pay for her ticket and drinks.

They pushed their way towards the front while vehemently discussing Corroded Mantra’s latest album Flower Shower. He was defending the album by his best argument of how the brutal vocals juxtaposed well with the melodic ukulele, while she wasn’t convinced that the lyrics were edgy enough. She was prettier than he imagined with all those black leather straps around her arms and thick eyeliners, so he didn’t push the debate further and conceded.

Suddenly the crowd roared and they realised the stage crew was gone and the band’s drummer took his position behind a massive setup. He was already attacking the drums and cymbals savagely before Christopher and RockerGirl4298 had time to put on their ear plugs. Then came rushing the rest of the band and the ear feast had started. Soon, a sea of horns were undulating to the fast beat of the metal.

When he thought he was in rock heaven, she tapped on his shoulder and first pointed to herself and then pointed to the sky. Before he could reply, she was pressing on his shoulders with both hands. It took a second for him to understand that she wanted him to carry her on his shoulders. Why not? he thought. she was a thin-ish girl, he wasn’t exactly a sporty type but he was a healthy young man. 

He squatted, she mounted his shoulders, and he straightened himself up without too much trouble. “Yeah, she’s light” he thought and smiled with self satisfaction. She was ecstatic in her unobstructed new vantage point. She was rocking him back and forth with both hands in the air headbanging. Her energy was contagious and he decided to give her even more thrill by jumping. She was laughing with joy and she looking down, he looking up, their eyes met sparkling. At that moment she grabbed a fistful of the top of his hair and continued her frenzy. He didn’t care that his hair was hurting bad, his legs started shaking like wet noodles, or being suffocated by her legs squeezing his neck while he kept bumping people around him and being shoved back with sharp elbows. He was happy.

Then something clicked on his back. He didn’t have enough power in his legs to jump anymore. He realised he missed half of the last song because his attention was diverted by the pain coming from his scalp and from his shoulders. He couldn’t believe it’s only been two songs and she’s already feeling like a ton of bricks slowly crushing him to sweet death. But he didn’t want to let her down.

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